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About Us

J Pro Studio focuses on providing 1 on 1 fitness training to people who wish to learn how to  work out in the proper and efficient way.

We created the studio with emphasizing on quality but not quantity. Our main goal is to make sure our students are equipped with the adequate knowledge to plan their work up independently after finish their session in our studio.

All of our personal trainer are certified by FITM and with years on experience in the fitness industry.

Why Choose US ??


All the fitness program are individually customized and  planned in advance by our trainer based on the clients’ fitness goal.

During the training session, the client’s program will be monitored and tuned based on their progress performance to ensure they can get the best results

We always deliver more value than what you pay for. In J PRO Fitness Studio, we believe “Fitness is a Lifetime Thing”  and we are here to start the fitness journey together with our clients.

We will make sure our clients will finish the session with proper fitness knowledge in mind, so that they can continue their fitness journey independently. And the support is always here if they need any additional guidance.

Without a proper guidance from the certified Personal Trainer, you will waste a lot of time in exploring the correct way to train your body effectively. And it’s not a new thing that people get injuries in the gym due to wrong exercise posture and method.

Our studio is only opened for our dedicated clients, not for the public. There are only maximum 4 clients at each session.

Environment plays a very important role during the training sessions. We ensure our clients can always train in a comfortable, clean and hygienic studio.

All of our trainers are certified by either  ACE or NASM (both are the international institution in certifying PT). We will ensure all our clients are getting the professional and scientific fitness training program. 

We provide thorough programs that can suit to you fitness goal such as fat loss, body toning, body strength and etc.